The Grolings


When human beings
appeared on this planet
Flora, (Mother Groling)
studied them for
many moons.

She saw them caring
for plants and trees
all over the world.
  they didn’t have MAGIC green fingers or ears!

So, there will always be Grolings

Grolings have magic green fingers
which send tingles of love
to everything they touch.
This makes plants and trees
happy and helps them
to grow strong.
They also have
magic green ears,
so they can hear the
Earth speaking to them.
Grolings LOVE to dance!
At the end of each day
they have a
'Party in the Bark'
of an old oak tree.
Watch Spud salsa and Berry boogie now...
Spud Dance - Website ImageBerry Dance - Website Image copy
All Grolings have been
created by Flora,
to help humans look after everything
that grows on our wonderful planet.
When was the last time
you saw a Groling?